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Organic Greek Rose Wine Orestis • Ktima Stergiou • 750 ml


Greek White Wine • Vivlia Chora • 750ml


Rose Syrah • Vivlia Chora • 750ml


Greek White Organic Wine • Ktima-Stergiou • 750 ml


Malagousia • Ktima Gerovassiliou • 750ml


Kechribari Retsina • Kechris Winery • 500ml


Rose Three Witches Wine • Barafakas Winery • 750ml


Greek Red Organic Wine • Ktima-Stergiou • 750 ml


Greek Red Wine • Vivlia Chora • 750ml


White Wine • Ktima Gerovassiliou • 750ml


Chardonnay • Ktima Gerovassiliou • 750ml


Avaton • Ktima Gerovassiliou • 750ml


Sauvignon Blanc • Alpha Estate • 750ml


Rose • Alpha Estate • 750ml


Xinomavro Single Vineyard ”Hedgehog” • Alpha Estate • 750ml


Malagouzia Single Vineyard ”Turtles” • Alpha Estate • 750ml


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Greek God of wine

Dionysus was the ancient Greek God of wine. He was one of the 12 Greek gods living in Mount Olympus. He was the son of Zeus and Semele (beautiful princess of Thebes). Dionysus is the first who turned grapes into Greek wine and taught mortals winemaking knowledge across the world.

Wine in Ancient Greece

Greek wine is dated before 6500 years ago when it was still produced at homes and Greeks were trading it all over the Mediterranean sea. Greece’s climatic conditions and the good soil helped produce high-quality Greek wine, with Homer in the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey”, Plato and Xenophon in their “Symposiums”, often refer to the famous wines of antiquity. Usually, they were trading it for gold and cereals from Egypt and ivory from Cyprus. For Greeks wine was something much more than a basic element of nutrition, it was highly connected with their culture and religion.

Best Greek wines

Greek vineyards have shown a significant quality improvement in the last years with their wines winning a lot of prizes in big competitions. Some of the most famous varieties discussed are the Assyrtiko wine and Vinsanto wine from Santorini (volcanic island), Moschofilero wine from north Peloponnese, Xinomauro wine from Naousa and Amynteon, Agiorgitiko wine of Nemea. Also, Vidiano wine is one of the oldest Cretan wines made of white and yellow grape varieties.

Retsina is also one of the most famous wines. Every tourist visiting Greece is most likely that is going to taste it. For that reason, a lot of young wine producers are trying to combine tradition and innovation to deliver a new level of retsina to the world.

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