About our Team

We are a team of young entrepreneurs raised in the countryside of Greece.

Having grown up tasting healthy and delicious homegrown food, we know what a treasure trove of herbs, olive trees, and wild native flora the Greek land is.

This love for our fertile land and the admiration for the Greek producers and their quality products gave us the idea of “The Mythic Box”. A box that contains the best that the Greek sun and land have to offer.

About our Logo

The Horn of Amalthea – also known as Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia – comes from Greek mythology, with its origins being traced back to Ancient Greece. When the god Zeus was a mere baby, Rhea, Zeus’ mother hid her child away in a cave upon Mount Ida on Crete to prevent Zeus being imprisoned by his father Cronus. The baby Zeus was given over to the care of a nymph and a goat, although it is not clear whether the nymph or the goat was called Amalthea.
The goat would nourish Zeus, but at some point the over exuberant Zeus broke off one of the goat’s horns. The nymph then filled the horn with herbs and fruits, and gave it to Zeus to eat from. The divine power of Zeus then ensured that the horn would provide a never ending supply of sustenance for whoever owned it.

the mythic box logo

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